What is Draw No Bet?

Draw No Bet is a commonly used sports betting term. In this article, we uncover the meaning of Draw No Bet and where it applies in sports betting...


If you are a member of the betting community, it is very likely that you have come across the term “Draw No Bet”.

In this article, we fully cover the meaning of Draw No Bet. First of all, note that draw no bet can be represented by the initials DNB. It can also be shown in the Handicap market as Handicap (0).

When you bet on who will win or lose a game, you have three options.

These three options are:

1 – Team A/ Home Team wins (Team B Loses)

 2 – Team B / Away Team wins (Team A loses)

 X –  They draw the game (nobody wins or loses)

As a bettor, you can choose between any of these three scenarios and stake on it. However, Draw No Bet is a type of bet that only allows you to either stake on Team A or on Team B.

This means that you are excluding the option of drawing from the available options. So, unlike 1X2 bets that give you all three options, draw no bets only give you two options:

1 – Team A/ Home Team wins (Team B Loses)

2 – Team B / Away Team wins (Team A loses)

This means that the X option is excluded.

You might wonder: what then happens if the game ends in a draw?

Since you were only allowed to stake on two options, if the game ends in a draw, your stake is given back to you.

This applies whether you play single or multiple bet types. If you play a draw no bet on a single bet and that game ends in a draw, your bet cancelled and stake returned.

If it was played on a multiple bet, that particular game would be discounted and the odds will be deducted, but it will not result in a losing selection.

The only way to actually lose a draw no bet is by picking the wrong teams to win and lose.


The only difference between 1X2 bets and draw no bets is that 1X2 bets offer three options while draw no bets offer two.

Of course, since draw no bets offers fewer options, it means that the possibility of losing is lower. The chance of winning is not increased but the chance of losing (the draw option) is reduced. Consequently, the odds are reduced. All, in all, draw no bets are safer but also offer smaller returns.

Here is a practical example of what to expect in a draw no bet as supposed to a 1X2 bet.


1 – Bayern Munich: 1.14

X – 10.00

2 – Schalke: 19.00


1 – Bayern Munich: 1.07

2 – Schalke: 10.00


1 – Liverpool: 2.70

X –  3.40

2 – Chelsea: 2.80


1 – Liverpool: 1.90

2 – Chelsea:  1.96


Like all bets, draw no bets have their advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantage is that draw no bets minimise risk.

However, in the event that you do win, your winnings would be less than they would have been if you had just initially chosen that same prediction in a 1X2 bet.

In the end, it depends on you.

Is it likely a draw situation will land? If that is a possibility, draw no bets are your best bet.

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