The Bettor’s Guide To Virtual Football

In this article, we explore virtual sport betting and all that it stands for...


The world of virtual betting is an unexplored land of gems to many bettors. In this article, we are fully going to explore this land and everything that it stands for.

Virtual betting is quite simple. Imagine the normal football that you know; filled with teams, leagues, various players, etc. Think of how betting occurs in this game; study the latest results, check the different bet types, then watch as the action unfolds.

Virtual betting is exactly like that except that all of these are controlled by a computer. Virtual gaming is also referred to locally as ‘baby’. It is simply a whole league filled with various teams that play against each other in order to compete for the first place.

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However, the matches played are controlled by the computer. In short, virtual gaming is the electronic simulation of whatever sport you are playing. When the game starts, you are to predict the outcome of the game. If you predict it correctly, you win. Just as in normal betting, there are various bet types to choose from.

Unlike normal matches that last 90 minutes, virtual games are fast and so, you can bet through an entire league season, or cup competition, in a day. The outcome of virtual games is decided through the use of a random number generator.


Virtual games have their advantages.  One of the top advantages is that unlike normal betting, you do not always have to wait for weekends when the majority of games are played. There are always games available. Virtuals are quick too. In five minutes, an entire football match is played.


1.       Find the Virtuals games you wish to play. With Marathonbet, you’ll find a number to choose from including football, horse racing and basketball.

2.       Study patterns. Virtual gaming doesn’t represent what is happening in real life teams. In virtual gaming, a club will bear names very similar to real clubs. However, the names will not be the same due to licensing restrictions. However, it doesn’t mean that a team named Bayern will beat a team name Barcelona. Study the trends of the teams virtually, study their patterns, and understand how they are likely to play. Study their previous performances and result patterns. From there, you can start to make more informed judgements.

3.       Stake only what you can afford. Remember, Virtuals are a computer simulation so be sure to stake only what you feel comfortable playing with.

4.       Find out what works for you as you gain more knowledge of betting and a feel for the different virtual sports offered..

5.       Do not chase losses. As with normal betting, always gamble responsibly.

Gamble Responsibly


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