NBA MVP 2021 Predictions

Analysis and highlights of the main favourites to win the NBA MVP in the 2020-2021 season


The best basketball in the world is back and all the NBA predictions on Marathonbet will give you clues as to which are the top favourites. We are not only talking about the odds and aspiring NBA champions, but you will also be able to follow the predictions to the 2021 Season MVP.

We are going to analyze the race towards MVP 2021 with the options of the main names on the table and the possible surprises to be placed among the candidates for an award that in the last two years was received by Giannis Antetokounmpo.

The Milwaukee franchise player just signed the biggest contract in NBA history, but that doesn’t ensure that he will seal his name for the third year in a row in the MVP trophy… and in fact, he’s not the big favourite.

Do you want to know who is the number one favourite for the NBA MVP?

Luka Doncic, favorite for NBA MVP

Not Curry, not Antetokounmpo, not James Harden. The top favourite to win the regular season MVP award is none other than Luka Doncic.

The hype of the Slovenian has transformed into an unexpected position as number one in the polls that award the trophy to the best player in the NBA in the regular season at the end of the course.

NBA MVP betting and odds

With a quota @ 4.75, Doncic is the number 1 candidate for the award that to the most outstanding player in the NBA. Despite his youth, Doncic can do almost anything on a basketball court and keeps breaking all sorts of records for a young European.

It will depend a lot on the level of Porzingis and the help he can receive in his team to shine.

🏀Did you know?
The NBA MVP award is based on the regular season, not the playoffs or NBA Finals.

After Doncic we see Antetokounmpo in the list of applicants for the MVP award with odds @ 6.00. If it was already a milestone to achieve the award two years in a row, by sheer probability it seems difficult for Anteto to repeat.

The challenge of going down in the annals of NBA history is an added attraction and Giannis is sure to fight for the MVP to the end.

The Warriors do not have the appearance of competing in the collective by very high levels and the prominence will be taken by Curry. His scoring statistics, triples and his stratospheric hitting percentages will bring him closer to making his name sound like one of the great MVP candidates.

To finish with the top hopefuls for the NBA MVP, we see a matched share (@ 10.00) to Lakers champion duo Anthony Davis and Lebron James. Depending on how the season goes, the Lakers may think more about their two superstars reaching the playoffs for the title in full condition. If they don’t play the same minutes as any of those mentioned above, they may be left out of receiving this individual award for best NBA player in 2021.

Who can be the surprise for the NBA MVP?

James Harden (@ 14.00) can never be ruled out even though his physical condition was not optimal at the start of the competition. Harden needs more regular shooting, and if he does that, he can rack up stratospheric records.

Some name that appears very low on the list that opts for the best MVP player of the year is Kawhi Leonard (@ 23.00), who will want to remove a thorn from the last playoff, or Devin Booker (@ 43.00) who has all the earmarks of what this year he will explode as one of the best players in American basketball.

Follow the race for the NBA MVP and bet on your favorite with the best odds that Marathonbet offers.

NB: Odds subject to change.

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