Football Betting Guide For Beginners


Is Football Good to Bet On?

Are you a sports lover?

Do you take your love a little further by betting?

If you do, it is very likely that you have wondered what sport you should bet on. This is especially true if you’re just starting out.

According to the World Atlas, more than four billion people follow football or soccer around the world, over 3.5 billion persons watch the sport actively, while the football betting industry continues to go from strength to strength.

This is because there are now multiple ways to bet on football. In fact, when asked, a lot of people will state that the sport they find easiest to bet on is football or soccer. This is not unexpected when one considers just how many viewers the sport gets.

Football Betting Strategy Guide

For one thing, football has a wide range of markets that one can bet from. For example, there are 1X2 bets which involve backing a team to win, lose, or draw. There are also under/over goals, which involve selecting whether you think the total goals scored in a match to be lower or higher than the total offered by the bookmaker.

Another betting option is draw-no-bet. Draw-no-bet is simply adding an insurance to your bet whereby you are staking on the possibility that a game will not end in a draw. So, you must bet on a team to win. However, if the match ends in a draw you will receive your stake back, rather than losing it. There are also handicaps which involve allocating a one or more goal start for the weaker team and betting whether the stronger team would still win despite that mythical handicap.

Apart from having numerous types of odds, football also has a lot of leagues and cups that a bettor can choose to focus on. Among these are the Champions League, Europa League, La Liga, Premier League, Serie A, the Bundesliga, and the Ligue 1. This is in addition to the national team competitions on which bets can be placed.

How to Bet on Football Games

Football is a sport that can often be eventful, which is why individual fixtures usually include markets where you can bet on goals, yellow cards, red cards and players. La Liga in season 2019/20, for example, averaged 2.48 goals per game, 4.49 yellow cards a game and a red card approximately every five games.

With stats like this, it’s easy to see why many bettors like to bet on football. Another thing, as football is so much a world game these days, almost every sports lover has some understanding of tactics. Also, football rules are relatively easy to understand – making football betting a good starting point for those bettors previously unfamiliar with some aspects of sports betting.

Now, you may be thinking that football isn’t that easy for you and there are some exceptions. In some countries, they have certain national sports which people are brought up to love and appreciate. That means from a young age, their brains are filled with game strategies and facts. As a result, they become pro-watchers at the very least. Such a person will find it easier to bet on that sport before anything else.

However, all things being equal, football is one of the easiest sports to bet on.

Remember that even when you choose a particular sport to bet on, irrespective of how good you are at betting on that sport, you should go the extra mile to rack up more knowledge on it.

Please gamble responsibly


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