e-Sports Betting Guide – How to Bet on e-Sports

how to bet on esports

What is e-Sports?

e-Sports is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and not just within gambling. The sport generates over $1 billion dollars every year. However, e-Sports is still relatively unknown to the many, for now at least.

When considering the viewing and revenue figures, the rise of e-Sports shows no signs of slowing down. E-Sport is predominantly viewed on streaming services such as YouTube & Twitch, giving viewers more freedom than in traditional media. This has been very successful, with estimated viewing figures in 2019 of over 400 million.

e-Sports is a form of competitive gaming, but not as you may expect it. The stereotypical image is that of a sport being played in people’s bedrooms. However, e-Sports is regularly played in front of packed crowds, in stadiums, with millions watching online.

It has attracted some of the biggest sports clubs in the world with the likes of Man City, PSG and many others entering the e-Sports market.

History of e-Sports

e-Sports may seem a modern industry, however the first event was in fact held back in the 1980’s.

The first competition, incidentally, was one of the most famous games of all time, Space Invaders. Over 10,000 people gathered to Stanford University to watch the Atari Space Invaders Championship.

The rise of the internet in the 90’s pushed e-Sports to the next level, with popular games such as ‘Quake’ helping its rise.

e-Sports Today – Which games are played in e-Sports?

Most e-Sports betting markets revolve around four games:

  • League of Legends
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Dota 2
  • Fortnite.

These games have helped generate sponsorship deals, and prize funds, to take the sport to the next level.

The magnitude of the industry was highlighted that the 2019 Dota 2 International, which had a combined prize pool of $30 million. The winners of this competition were European OG, who took home a cool $11 million. As you can see, e-Sports players can earn significant amounts of money.

What is e-Sports betting?

With so many new tournaments and games launching, the betting market has to be both adaptable and flexible, to coincide with the growth.

Tournaments take place in many different forms. The most popular being S (first person shooter), MOBA (multiple online battle arenas), real-time strategy, as well as general sports and fighting games.

Where to bet on e-Sports?

Marathonbet offer markets on all major e-Sport tournaments. Markets offered include outrights, 1×2, 1,2 markets, handicap, total rounds, over/under and map markets.

How to bet on e-Sports?

Betting on e-Sport is similar to betting on traditional sports. However, as with all gambling, the better knowledge you have about a tournament or a map, the more calculated decisions you can make when placing a bet.

Where e-Sports does differentiate to traditional sports, is the difference between games. It is vital that you familiarize yourself with all teams, players, and genre of game.

Betting Examples

1,2 example:

Apex Gaming are priced up at 5.00 to beat Rogue Warriors in the League of Legends KeSPA Cup.

Wilfred places ₦4461.20 on Apex Gaming to win the match, and the team win to advance to the next round.

As Wilfred has won his bet, he’ll receive ₦22,306.01 back (₦ 17,844.81 in winnings, plus his original stake of ₦4461.20 back).

1×2 example:

Team Nigma are taking on Wings Gaming in the Dota 2 Winter Blast.

Shola backs the draw (the ‘X’ in a 1X2 market) with a stake of ₦8922.41 at 4.50.

The match finishes all square, which means Shola receives ₦40,150.82 (₦ 31,228.42 in winnings, plus his original stake of ₦8922.41 back).

Outright example:

FC Seagulls are priced at 5.20 to win the CS:GO Champions Cup.

Victor backs them to win the tournament with a ₦ 4461.20 bet, which they go on to do.

As Victor outright selection is a winning one, he receives a return of ₦27,659.46 (₦ 23,198.25 in winnings, plus his original stake of ₦ 4461.20 back).


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