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Betting On Correct Score

Wondering what you need to know when it comes to betting on correct score predictions?

With Marathonbet, you can bet on correct score markets for matches being played today, tomorrow, the coming days, and even the weekends.

Just starting out? Have a walk-through over the most asked questions about sports betting, correct score predictions, and our experts’ replies to them.

Frequently Asked Questions – Correct Score Betting

What are Correct Score Markets?

Football correct score betting is a popular type of betting – and a market that most bettors can easily understand.

How does it work?

It’s simple – you predict what the score will be in any given match, and place your bet.

Correct score markets traditionally comprise 90 minutes plus stoppage time, excluding extra time or penalties.

Betting on correct scores can be appealing as some teams – and leagues – are known for being high-scoring, while others are low scoring. For instance, in recent years, the Bundesliga has become renowned for its high-scoring games, averaging over three goals per match in 2019.

With Marathonbet, you can also bet on the 1st half correct score or the 2nd half correct score.  

What to Consider When Correct Score Betting

Always study the recent form and history between two sides – it might just help you settle on a realistic scoreline.

For instance, derby games and matches between teams fighting for the same position can often be low-scoring games as there is so much at stake for both sides should they lose the match. Alternatively, some matches at the end of the season between teams with nothing to play for can produce plenty of goals with both sides playing with little pressure.

It’s also worth considering the result each team would realistically settle for heading into a game.

Does a side need to score a few goals to improve their goal difference?

Would a struggling team settle for a point if they are fighting relegation?

Look at recent results and league tables as this should help to inform your decision-making process.

Finally, check to see if any significant likely goalscorers are injured or suspended for the match and who their likely replacement would be.

Do You Offer Correct Score Doubles?

At Marathonbet, we offer correct score doubles. Every seasoned punter knows for a fact that correct score doubles are relatively rare.

A correct score double lands when the two odds from two correct score predictions are multiplied.

This boosts the odds and by so doing, increases your potential winnings. 

Can I Bet On A Correct Score And Player To Score First In A Double?

Marathonbet offer a Scorecast betting option, where you can get a combined price for predicting the correct score and which player will score the first goal. Predicting both correctly is not easy, but if you are successful the odds can be quite large.


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