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Are you a bettor looking to make the most of BTTS predictions? Learn more with Marathonbet...


Are you a bettor looking for the best BTTS markets?

Marathonbet could have the right solutions for your BTTS predictions. At Marathonbet, we offer a wide range of BTTS markets. Have a sneak peek at the most asked questions about BTTS predictions, both teams to score markets and our experts’ answers to them.


BTTS simply stands for ‘both teams to score’. This simply means that you are banking on both teams to score during the match. This does not predict who will win or lose. It simply predicts that in the game, both teams will score at least one goal.

As straightforward as it sounds, bettors know that you can’t always rely on both teams to score. However, that’s what can make this market appealing, particularly for live in-play betting if you are waiting on a goal to go in from one side.


For someone who knows what they are doing, picking out both teams to score predictions becomes that little bit easier. When you decide on both teams to score, it means that you should look to games with at least some of these circumstances:

1.       Two teams with weak defences: when teams have weak defences, irrespective of how great the rest of their team is, they are more likely to concede given the opposition will try and exploit any obvious weaknesses. Remember, a BTTS bet will be more interesting if both teams have weak defences. In a situation where only one team has a weak defence, a both teams to score prediction may prove less enticing.

2.       Teams missing star players: if both teams are missing some of their more influential team members, a BTTS bet could be an option worth looking into. If one or both teams is forced to used multiple substitutions, this can also make a bet on both teams to score more logical given teams may become disjointed.

3.       Two high scoring teams: if a match is played between two teams that have a history of scoring a lot of goals, a BTTS bet can seem the obvious choice. In such a game, provided both teams don’t boast exceptional defences, having a both-teams-to-score prediction in place may just be a smart idea.

4.       Two teams with great strikers: If two teams have star strikers matched with unreliable defences, a both-teams-to-score wager could pay off. If this scenario presents itself, it might be worth looking into the latest odds in the BTTS markets.

5.         High scoring leagues: A popular option when placing accumulators is looking at the average goals scored in a particular league, then selecting several matches in that league where the goal expectation looks high and combining them in an accumulative bet.


BTTS markets do not include extra time and/or penalty shootouts. What matters is the scoreline when the whistle is blown at the end of normal time.

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